Monday, May 9, 2011

San Antonio Express 1933- Mexican socialite flappers

Last year I salvaged a bound volume of June 1933's complete San Antonio Express. Why I found an antique book of Texas newspapers in Oakland, California I have no idea. . . I'm just *lucky* that way. Look at these stunning photos of Mexican debutantes visiting Mexico City society events . . . The headline for this society page reads Mexico's Loveliest "Ambassadresses" to the Black and White Ball.

The first solo pic is of Pas Gaisman. The woman looking upward with the revealing beaded decolletage is Olga Najera Bouchez. Elisa Antonia Diaz is the name of the woman in the long dangly earrings with her eyes closed.

The profile vixen is Maria Amparo Viderique!

The woman with her hair parted down the middle is named Constance Drake.

What great names and what lovely ladies . . .

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